Energy Conservation of the Emotional Kind...Being mad is way too much work :)

According to Tesla, if you wish to understand the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration. This sounds awesome, but I guess I should probably start with understanding myself and the way in which I view and interact with the world around me. Then I'll tackle the universe. :)

So, I was wondering, does Tesla's law of the physical universe apply to our emotions and feelings as well? What if your emotional energy given is greater than your energy received in a particular situation? ... Can we have a negative energy end result leaving us drained and frustrated? We are environmentally aware and concious of how our decisions can affect the natural environment in which we live. We recycle, watch electricity use and look for alternative means to power our homes and vehicles. It's easy to think of energy conservation in regards to our environment, but what I was thinking was...

Can we apply this idea of conservation to emotional energy also?

 It seems to work if we use Tesla's ideas about the universe to figure out ourselves, our emotions and relationships and maybe a better way to handle conflicts in general. We are aware of our energy use and it's environmental impact. We need to also be aware of our emotional energy usage, and conserve this use with those situations that do not reciprocate positive energy or cause ourselves an emotional energy deficit.

-We've all done it right?
 Stayed too long in a bad relationship, put too much effort into a friendship that is unbalanced or unreturned, that feeling of being overworked and undervalued at a job... How can we know when to stop fighting that losing battle and readjust the situation that is causing imbalance in our life? How do we become an emotionally balanced person without all those negative feelings that are weighing us down? What would be the answer?-

Is there like a mathematical equation or something for this?

I think the answer to this starts with some questions we should ask ourselves regarding the issue at hand: Let's try to look at it pragmatically:

1. Does this situation make you feel out of balance?

2. Is this situation clouding your focus and carrying over to positive areas in your life, causing problems there too? Do you feel confused by this?

3. Do you feel helpless to this situation, like it has control over you and you can't stop the negative thought spin?

4. Do you dwell on the situation, mentally battling it out how you wish it would have went, or beating yourself up for how you handled things?

 If the answer to any of these is "yes" then it's time to evaluate that negative situation and it's effect on our happiness and security as a happy and whole human being. I don't like that helpless feeling, I don't think anyone should feel that way about a problem,  there is always something we can do- let's get rid of that bugger! It's serving you no purpose, time for the hitchhiker to hoof it- enough of the energetic free ride !! :) 

 "Forget about it!!" 
we hear.. 

"Turn the other cheek!"

"What would Jesus do?"

 Those cliches we've all heard a million times... Easier said than done right? Well what Jesus did was forgive, and walk away sometimes. He did this in the Bible days and I never really fully got it until recently. This sounds bad (I'm so sorry Jesus) -but in my ignorance I thought of not engaging with conflict or negativity as and outdated idea, or how could that be effective- I feel like a doormat and they are just getting away with it!!
Well, luckily enough, it's not our job to distribute karma. The universe has a poetic way of taking care of all that and we don't even have to think about it. All we have to do is think about how we conduct ourselves in the situation, and how much of the negative baggage of that situation we want to bring into other areas of our lives. We could potentially affect innocent people close to us who really care and who potentially could even help with the problem. Not getting heated in a hostile or hurtful scenario is ultimate strength and control when someone is antagonizing you. It can be one of the hardest things to do sometimes, we all have that knee jerk reaction to get emotional or lose our temper without thought. This is is sign of emotional immaturity and is something we need to learn to be in control of if we want to feel good and be happier. We CAN have the ultimate in control and inner strength and self cofidence.
This is everything. 
The key.

When someone is really antagonizing you, just in your face, and you can just smile and be calm and mean it... 

It reminds me of the video that went viral a while back of that gentleman who is dealing with the woman who interrupts his talk at a political event and he is just COOL- doesn't react for the longest time and when he is finally forced to interact and deal with her it is done from a place of friendship and tolerance. To me it seems like she doesn't get any point proven, she is that person I always get stuck behind in line at the store, you know, the one that always wants "TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER" haha .. Anyway, she ends up leaving not proving anything except how COOL he is ... I just love this guy.. I found it !!! Here it is...

Mr. Jagmeet Singh is at the level of inner balance that I would like to be someday. Just wow. Soo awesome. Side note: He just happens to be up against Justin Trudeau in the 2019 Canadian election for Prime Minister!! This guy... We can all learn from his attitude-just stay calm, walk away from the problem, and really enjoy your day. I know it is easier said than done... butI  think sometimes living well IS really the answer. Live so well you can resonate above all the BS.
I've been tossing parts of this idea around for a while now... It involves something I read a while back about one of Tesla's energy philosophies and it keeps popping up at different times. It's just starting to solidify into an actual idea that could be of benefit for my life... Tesla often talked about energy, and how the universe likes the balance and conservation of it... I'm paraphrasing but it's something like this... Moderation is more energy efficient than complete abstinence in the long run as it takes less energy to indulge oneself occasionally in their ____ (insert whatever vice or thought process one happens to be white knuckling it through at the time) to an extent,  than to just struggle and fight that ___ (vice, negative thought, ... )  Tesla talks about balance and moderation, or, the top is more energy efficient when it spins balanced independently than when it bumps into stuff it and wobbles or stops-

 In other words, I understood that as- it is more energy efficient to not bump up against the world all the time and ping pong all over the place, out of control emotionally. We don't have to constantly confront everything, we don't have to be in constant mental stress fight mode. This is not equal or balanced or our natural state of being. This isn't strength, or powerful... It's actually the total opposite. This shows weakness of spirit and a lack of control of our emotional state. And we wonder why we're always on edge and crabby!! And if we cut down on the conflict/drama mode of thought as the norm we should have lots more mental energy to focus on positive areas of our life that truly fulfill us.

And really, how much do we want to preach our cause to deaf ears?? To a totally non responsive or non existent audience? We are expending a large amount of energy only to have accomplished exactly zero and possibly increasing negativity, and getting nowhere with our point except often making the problem worse.We are feeding the black dog of negative thought instead of the white dog of positive thought. Whichever dog we feed is the one who stays and grows.


It's that easy.

Turning the other cheek is underrated. I guarantee in a short while if this is done sincerely and with focused intent to really remove the problem (maybe not from your life because that is impossible sometimes) but from your mental space, you will shortly look back and wonder what was the big deal in the first place. It always surprises me how quickly the problem disappears from my psyche when I do this!! It can get even faster and easier too, the more we practice.

I think it starts with keeping mental tally or tabs on our thoughts.  Such a simple idea but so hard for us to realize sometimes right?? But not really!! We've been brainwashed to believe this, it's as easy as breathing!! Keep a jounal, write it down if you need to that's always helpful and therapeutic. If we practice this positivity neurons have been studied to be able- at any age- to carve out new pathways in the brain if we intentionally change our focus to positive thought.

There I just solved all problems of international conflict- you're welcome PLANET EARTH ;) HAHA BUT SERIOUSLY if we focus on positivity in EVEN one LITTLE area where we normally think negative we HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO retrain our brains. THAT'S HUGE!!!

Change our thought processes in all areas of our life and change our life possibly permanently for the better.
No drugs, NO OVER priced ineffective therapy.. Isn't that a nice happy thought? 
See?? we're doing it already. 

Now go get an ice cream. Peace. :)

CAPTAIN'S LOG STARDATE 3/9/18 Galaxy of the Milky Way, Sunstar Solara, Planet Earth ;)
LATE ENTRY 11:30 -Just posted this about an hour and a half ago, went to walk Harlow, came in sat down & this came up looks like I've got my Friday night plans!! Maintianing the light grid here in the War Zone - Keep on keepin' on and have a great weekend everybody!

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